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These are fairly easy to define... but there are definitely overlapping areas.

Editorial usually means a 'story' whether the images accompany an article like in 'Outdoor', or pages of fashion like the back pages of Vogue or Bazaar. The story is usually created by the magazine and the images are chosen from the work the photographers submit. There is usually no 'layout' or position info, but there may be a request for a vertical opener or something like that. Editorial is generally a more 'free' and creative area.

There are editorial portraits, and editorial lifestyle.

Advertising is more art directed and generally is attended by a layout and explicit information on the creation of the image.

There are advertising portraits and advertising lifestyle.

Lifestyle is people living life. Simple. A portrait of my daughter against a blue painted background is not a lifestyle portrait. If she is at the park playing with her dog, that is. Are there crossover areas... sure, of course, but the rule of thumb is that with people, lifestyle images mean environment and reaction with/to that environment.

Glamour is about the girl. Fashion is about the clothes. A girl in jeans leaning against a wall with the jeans a little unzipped and the midriff a little too high could be glamour... throw a logo on it for the jeans and it is fashion. Confusing... maybe a little.

A girl topless on the beach in a swimsuit bottom is glamour. A photograph of a bikini clad woman on a yacht could be glamour unless it is an Yves St Laurent swimsuit and is for the back pages of Voge is fashion. If it running in "Travel" magazine, it may be lifestyle.


Good, moving on.

Beauty within the photographic industry usually applies to taking images of women or men for the beauty product industry. Lots of headshots, and body shots. Perfume, skin care, hair color, and such are beauty products. Hence it is referred to as 'beauty work'.

A woman headshot with her breasts exposed could be glamour. If it is for a perfume it is beauty, and if it is for an article on how come all the actresses in Hollywood gotta show their boobs, it is editorial. Oh, and if it was shot to layout and runs in multiple magazines with type around it, it is advertising. If it runs in 'Cigar Afficianado" as one of the perks of smoking a Cuban cigar, I guess it could be lifestyle ( ;-) )

Just don't confuse the terms of the industry that refer to the usage of the image with the image itself. There is no such thing as an 'editorial' headshot without the attached usage parameter. A 'glamour' shot could be well defined with high heels, red lingerie and crazy hair, but it could just be a lifestyle shot for 'Ogalthorpe World.'

And nearly all of it can be used for advertising where a lot of work that was hired out as editorial ("We need you to go to Mexico to shoot the Baja 500") turns into an advertising shot when purchased as stock and used to promote a tow truck company.

Hope that helps a bit.