On disabling right-clicks and image protection on Flickr.

To all of you paranoid photographers of the internets;

I'm sure a lot of people are like me and collection what they consider to be the best of the best that we find. Most of the time I'll drag and drop the image straight from my browser to my desktop. If somehow it's doesn't work i'll right click the image and save as... Now if your website prevents users from right-clicking to save an image (or it's a flash gallery), after being annoyed i'll simply take a screenshot of it if your work is worth it; and that's where everyone loses because if you didn't watermark your image, your identity is lost. I'd rather have a properly named image than a screenshot. And for flickr; I've been able to download original sized image of protected flickr images for years. Not complicated. And at least there are ways to find who published the images by reverse lookup with the file name. If you watermark all over your photos that's just blasphemy. Would you care a bit about your photography you would NOT do that to your images (it makes sense for stock photo, though). 

So my point is: You put it on the web, you share it.  
Everything you'll do to prevent it just makes you annoying and doesn't prevent a thing.

Having your work shared and viewed, in this age of social media, is the best (and cheapest) marketing you can have and as a photographer, or other visual artist, what's the point of making art if you then prevent the world from experiencing it in the best context possible?
Properly name your images (photographer_image.extension) maybe put a small watermark and be done with it.