"Making sausage"

There's the fancy part of photoshoots that, frankly, gets too much press. Because real photoshoots and films are made in the trenches. Might be an epic and cinematic image looking through the camera, but more often than not you're standing next to a freeway composing the shot with snot running outta your face, the models is standing on platform painted to look like the background because they're too short for the set, and the PA is running the wind machine which is really a lawn-mower that uses a fan blade instead of a grass cutter. Not pretty. Very real, but far from glamorous.

Sometimes I call this the outside-looking-in-view the Black Box of Photography. That's the pretty name. More often, though, I call it 'making sausage'. As in, it tastes good when it's done, but you certainly would lose your appetite for the stuff if you watched it being made.

As it happens, a lot of photoshooting is really making sausage.

Mdr. Ça me rappelles un collègue chez réalisations.net: on étaient tout un moulin à saucisses!